Thursday, May 16, 2013

Special Notes to Friend

Dear friend..
Do you still remember???
the garden of knowledge and virtue is the first place we met..
Mahallah Asma became our second home..
Even though we had different appearance ( you are sporty girl and me ala-muslimah) yet we share same thoughts.
Do you still remember???
We used to have same shoes but different colors
We used to have same rabbit also different colors
We used to admire same person
We used to hate same enemy
We used to attend classes together (especially English classes)
We used to be called as twin (ini kelakar)
Dear friend..
A lot of memory we had share together. Thank you for being part of my story life. Forgive me for my ignorance before this. Our memories was an epic journey. No matter happen, I am glad to know you...
It is not to late to wish u...


Wan Ummi 
May Allah blessed you and your family.. 
love you so much